A collaboration agreement was signed between ARÖMER and AlJazeera

Ass. Prof İbrahim Helalşah, the Director of the Arabic Language Education and Research Center ARÖMER of 29 Mayıs University and Mr. Abu Hilala, Managing Director of Aljazeera TV channel signed a collaboration agreement.

Pursuant to the agreement, similar to the page, Teallem Elarabiyye (Learning Arabic) in Arabic and English to teach Arabic language on the website of Aljazeera, there will be a “Arapça Öğreniyorum (learning Arabic) ” page in Arabic and Turkish.

There will be articles, up-to-date news and various educational videos as well as daily and weekly exercises on the website, “Arapça Öğreniyorum” in Arabic and Turkish . The website will also have an designated teacher and it will be possible to ask questions in a video format or in writing.

We hope that these major projects developed by ARÖMER to expand its Arabic language teaching network and reach to as many people as possible will be beneficial for the Turkish people.