Arabic for Press

The Arab world which includes twenty two Arab countries, and has  rich natural and sources and a strategic geographic location has attracted the attention of all regional and international economic and politic powers. Due to its close geographical, historical and cultural proximity to the Arab World, Turkey has started to play a key role in the politics and economy of the Arab world. From another perspective, after the European economic crisis Turkey’s interest in the Arabic world has increased and the developments known as the “Arab Spring” attracted all attention to the Arab world.

In this critical context, 29 Mayıs ARÖMER provides this course to understand and use the Arabic language used in Arabic newspapers and media in general.

In the past, when someone wanted to have information about the Arab world, the news translated by foreign news channels were translated again to Turkish ; thanks to our special Arabic press terminology program, news can be taken directly from the source of the news.

The Arabic magazines and newspapers used in our course are bought in 22 different Arabic countries and contain various subjects (economy, literature, actual news, sports etc….) This way it is possible to have a general understanding of the press terminology rather than having knowledge in one specific Arabic press terminology.

As a participant goes to higher levels in the course, he will have a better command of the language at the end of the 180 hours program. However participants who wish to start the course should have completed minimum the 4. level of the General Arabic Program (480 hours) or passed the SBS to start the 5. level.