As 29 Mayıs ARÖMER family providing Arabic language education to over 900 students with 19 instructors with Arabic origin in four different cities in Turkey we would like to express our happiness in welcoming you in our courses.

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about ARÖMER language course system.
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  • How many levels and how many hours of tuition does the 29 Mayıs ARÖMER course program consist of ?

    Arabic language education courses in ARÖMER have four classes (A, B, C, D) and each class consists of two levels of 100 + 100 hours. During each course level, 2 course books as well as several homework and additional education materials are used.  The duration of these education programs is determined based on the intensity of the curriculum of each level and there are 800 hours of lessons in total in 9 levels.

    At the end of each level which consists of 100 hours a final examination is done.

    Levels in our course; A1+A2, B1+B2, C1+C2, D1+D2.

  • At the beginning of the course year, students have written and oral placement tests and they are assigned to different course levels based on the results of such tests.
  • How many hours are there in a level?

    A level consists of 100 hours.  Depending on the intensity of lessons, the duration of that course level may be increased or decreased.
  • What are the success criteria to move to the next level?

    In order to go on to the next level, our students should be successful in oral and written weekly tests and additionally their average score in the “Final Tests” of the level should be minimum 70 out of 100. The students who fail these exams should take make-up exams. Our students who fail in the make-up examination will have to repeat the relevant course level.
  • What are we responsible for in oral and written exams?

    1. All information and exercises in the text book.
    2.  All information and exercises that the teachers explain and teach in the class.
    3.  Homework for works which is distributed at the beginning of each week (from the 2.level)
    4. Audio recording of all chapters in the text book and presenting these records to the exam commission in the electronic environment.
    5.  Picking a subject from the subjects lists developed for each level and preparing a presentation on the subject in Arabic for three minutes in front of the exam commission.
    6. Reading an Arabic text in one minute without making any mistake. The number of words to be read varies based on the course level:
    60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130
    1. To type on an Arabic keypad for one minute. The number of characters to be written varies based on the course level:
    50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225
    1. Doing the exercises in the text book as described by the teacher and presenting them to the exam commission.
    2. 350 words and their meaning selected by the course participant among the important film words that ARÖMER distributes to the participants together with their meanings in Turkish.
    3. Correct pronunciation of the letters, words and sentences studied in the pronunciation lessons.
  • What is the Course Fees?

    Click on the link for the course fees.
  • Is attendance compulsory in ARÖMER courses?

    A course participant can have up to 30% of absenteeism. A course participant who is absent more than 30% of the lessons can still move on to the next level provided that he is successful in the final exams but will not receive any certificate at the end of that level. If he does not have any absenteeism problem and successful in the final exams, he will be granted a certificate.